From Waste Management to Clean Materials proposes a set of 4 key Clean Materials solutions that work together like the interconnected facets of a diamond, rather than ranked one above the other:


  • Prevent waste at all stages: by incentivizing redesign of products and supply chains to shrink carbon footprints, eliminate toxic materials, waste less food, and conserve resources.

  • Get longer life and more use from products: through tool libraries, sharing services like car-share, re-use, and repair.

  • Optimize recycling: which happens by cleaning up recycled material streams, ensuring ease-of-recycling in product design decisions, redesigning collection and processing of recyclables, and measuring success based on actual recycling.

  • Create jobs at clean production and processing hubs: where used products and materials find new life through reuse, repair and recycling enterprises; co-located industries connect so one’s ‘waste’ becomes another’s resource, saving materials, energy and water; and wastewater treatment plants grow into value-generating ‘biorefineries’.

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