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Pictured above: From left to right, Sen. Lisa Wellman (D-41st), Rep. Gael Tarleton (D-36th), Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18th), Rep. Gina Mosbrucker (R-14th)

What We're Doing 


It's clear that 20th Century Infrastructure won't support strong, resilient communities in the 21st Century.  CSI is working to facilitate partnerships to advance crucial state-level policy reforms.

Public Works Trust Fund

CSI achieved a game-changing policy breakthrough when our “Public Works Trust Fund 2.0” concept paper was incorporated into HB 1677 and passed with sweeping bipartisan support in the Washington Legislature. This represents a major victory for our Future of Washington Infrastructure (FWI) coalition. Our FWI partners are the frontline advocates for local governments, water-wastewater districts, key environmental groups, and state agencies. 


HB 1677 adopted a set of strategic reforms for this Public Works fund and proposed restoring $100 million in funding that was cut over previous years. A key piece of HB 1677 cuts across state infrastructure programs, establishing a multi-agency systems improvement team called "SYNC" who has been hard at work since early 2018. The group has been charged with making the broader system of state infrastructure programs (there are over 80!) smarter to optimize local economic, environmental and social outcomes.

Map the Path to a Transformative Vision  

CSI is engaging Northwest thought leaders and key change-makers to build alignment around long-term goals and key strategies through a series of reports. 


Infrastructure Excellence + Jobs

Planting Clean Manufacturing Across the Northwest

CSI is working with a bipartisan coalition of legislators  - who are championing a path for jobs and industry by embracing sustainable infrastructure and growing clean manufacturing.

CSI helped lead (organized by i-SUSTAIN and funded by the Scan Design Foundation) a bipartisan group of Washington legislators (6 Rs and 6 Ds) to Scandinavia in September 2017, which included an inspiring visit to Kalundborg. The goal was to create common ground and spark excitement around the concept of industrial symbiosis, and to create a platform for bipartisan collaboration for smart, sustainable infrastructure policies.


Inspired by their trip together to Scandinavia, key Washington legislators have coalesced around a shared sustainable infrastructure agenda. They want to enable and demonstrate the value of the circular economy across our state --- by growing jobs and industry, reducing waste and pollution, extracting maximum value and supporting clean production.


This legislative session, some members of the bipartisan coalition introduced legislation to take the first step toward making Washington a national leader in industrial symbiosis. Their bill (SSB 5936) was embraced at every turn, passing unanimously with 100% of Republicans and Democrats voting for it in:  the Senate  Environment, Energy & Technology Committee, the Senate Ways and Means Committee, the Full Senate and the House Committee on Environment and Energy. While there was not enough time to get a hearing in front of the House Appropriations Committee – the interest in and the commitment to making Washington a national leader in clean manufacturing and production continues to grow.

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