Common Ground Solutions

Scalable Solutions

for Regional Challenges

We look for opportunities to help state and federal agencies and policymakers invest in smart solutions with wide applicability. 

More than perhaps anything else, infrastructure determines what we can and can’t do. The future we want – of broadly shared prosperity, healthy and resilient communities, and environmental quality – can only happen if enabled by the future’s infrastructure. Because infrastructure is built to last several decades, our near-term decisions have big, long-term implications for the future we’re building.

The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) works with its partners to develop and advance our Priority Strategic Initiatives that accelerate the transition to a sustainable world supported by sustainable infrastructure.

As a small organization, we try to practice good “lever-craft” by scanning the horizon for high-leverage interventions to speed that transition. We convene partners and catalyze aligned efforts to accelerate transformative, triple-bottom-line solutions and generate ongoing momentum for positive change. 

We offer integrated, systems-based solutions that work in and for communities of all kinds – east or west, rural or urban – to build a future we’d all like to see.


By showing sustainable solutions work better, no matter one’s location or point of view, we believe we can contribute to a growing vision of a sustainable, fair, 21st-century economy that is made possible with sustainable infrastructure, and that all can see themselves in and embrace.