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Corporate Innovators Network

The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) is working to speed our transition to a future where economic vitality, community strength, and environmental health go hand in hand in communities across the Pacific Northwest. 

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More and more, governments and investors are asking for infrastructure projects and programs that deliver multiple benefits and address elevated priorities such as climate benefits, community resilience, and equity. CSI’s work takes a systems-based approach to infrastructure and economic development challenges, to forge innovative, integrated solutions that offer much greater community value than conventional, single-solution approaches. 

CSI has launched a new strategic partnership with leading companies that work in the sustainable infrastructure space. The goal of the CIN is to build a high-value network of innovative companies that are dedicated to accelerating sustainable infrastructure solutions that maximize triple bottom line value and community benefits.

“We can help build a culture of infrastructure innovation, and scale investment in best practices, smart policies, and local capacity to ensure all our communities can innovate their way to a better future.”


CSI's Founder & Executive Director

The CIN Value Proposition for Your Firm

Join with peer companies in an exclusive network of Northwest firms at the forefront of sustainable infrastructure innovation. Tap this peer network’s interdisciplinary expertise to cultivate valuable new contacts, collaborative relationships, and business partnerships. 

Grow and deepen your company’s expertise in integrated, innovative, multi-benefit infrastructure design practices. Provide your team with learning and skill-building opportunities and stay attuned to leading-edge projects, best practices, technologies, and tools for innovation.

Build brand exposure for your company and recognition as an innovation leader. Get in on the ground floor and help CSI build the network into a high-value, growing partnership of companies.

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