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Corporate Innovators Network

Forging Strategic Alliances

We are inviting the first 20 companies to join the inaugural cohort of the CSI Corporate Innovators Network!

CSI is launching a new strategic partnership with leading Pacific Northwest companies who work in the sustainable infrastructure space to advance groundbreaking policies and projects, and who are growing the region into a powerhouse incubator of state-of-the-art infrastructure
solutions. We are inviting the first 20 companies to join the inaugural cohort of the CSI Corporate Innovators Network (CIN).


CSI is forming the CIN to:

Coalesce a powerful voice to support catalytic policies, proven best practices, and breakthrough projects that accelerate sustainable infrastructure innovation and development in the PNW.

Secure financial support for CSI’s capacity to host this powerful voice and advance this work.

Elevate CSI’s visibility among businesses in the infrastructure space as the PNW’s go-to-think and do’ tank for sustainable infrastructure.

Bring other innovative companies to the Corporate Innovators Network.

Strengthen CSI’s impact by bringing new talent, energy, relationships, and expertise from the Network and like-minded businesses into CSI’s initiatives.

CSI’s inaugural CIN cohort of companies will work together to help us build a dynamic, growing movement of industry innovators, who together advance cutting-edge community infrastructure solutions, integrated economic development strategies, and smart policies
that accelerate triple-bottom-line solutions to build the kind of future we all want.

CSI’s Top Priorities for 2022

CSI is working to speed our transition to a future where economic vitality, community strength, and environmental health go hand in hand in communities across our region. CSI’s work takes a systems-based approach to infrastructure and economic development challenges, to forge innovative, integrated solutions that offer much greater benefits than conventional, single-solution approaches. Our 2022 projects include working to: