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How Can All PNW Communities Get More Value? 


Communities spend billions of dollars every year to operate, maintain, rebuild and expand their essential
infrastructure systems. systems.  Pivoting to sustainable infrastructure is one of the most effective, pragmatic
and impactful ways we can take on some of societies’ toughest issues while creating a thriving future for all.

The CSI Innovation Lab is part of our non-profit work - through it we bring a unique and effective value planning approach,
top experts +  services to communities that have pressing infrastructure needs on the horizon.  

We guide communities so they prioritize the right projects, realize more project value, plan smarter and create a path
forward via a successful financing strategy. We bring a deep bench of astonishing experts to our Innovation Lab
team (link) with access to innovative ideas and resources, to better support your transportation,energy, waste and
water infrastructure investments so you get maximum community return on investment.

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What Is Value Planning? 

(And Why it Matters Now More Than Ever). 

Value planning is tool to help infrastructure providers work with community leaders to uncover innovative solutions to local infrastructure challenges. The goal is to craft solutions that serve the needs of local users extraordinarily well, at the same or lower life cycle cost, while delivering more community value and greater access to capital than traditional approaches.


Value Planning has become recognized as a powerful tool for the early planning of a capital project, before engineering or design work begins, where the greatest productivity gains and cost savings can be found.  Before jumping into a major infrastructure investment, which might lock ratepayers into repayment for a whole generation or more, there’s an important opportunity to take a step back to explore smarter, more effective ways for these major investments to work harder and provide more value for your community. 


This approach can save money, expand access to capital and partnerships by providing additional benefits, support ongoing operation and maintenance costs, defray or avoid altogether costly fixes to legacy infrastructure systems, and grow community and political support. Through the Value Planning Process we support: 

  • Integrated, Triple bottom line value 

  • Expert guidance

  • Authentic community engagement, leading to support

  • Develop robust solution suite

  • Find hidden assets

  • Avoid future financial pitfalls

  • Prioritize and rank projects

  • Create accurate timelines

  • Reports that offer roadmap 


At the heart of Value Planning is a facilitated process that engages an interdisciplinary team, specially selected to bring helpful expertise and perspectives to the challenge. Local expertise is complemented by outside technical advisors with strong skills in collaboration and whole-systems thinking. Their work centers on framing the problem right, surfacing the local value and priorities that can inform the best solution strategies, and considering a broad set of alternative approaches. Value Planning is best delivered through a concentrated process that includes a research phase, a site tour and ‘design charrette’ workshop phase, vetting of strategies post-workshop by the technical advisors, culminating in a final report and road map to move the project forward.  

Our Services 



Before a major project starts - ensure that key members of the community provide ideas, inspiration and needs that will be made visible in the Value Planning process. 

Walk away with: Report that surfaces 'hidden' community voices, ideas, needs and opportunities to ensure community project alignment.    

Value planning 


Lightning Value Planning

We help you reimagine major infrastructure projects or conceive strategies to capitalize on Industrial Symbiosis opportunities. 


Light: Focused conversation and to map out initial opportunities to support an innovative project. 



Full: Research and asset mapping,  advance planning tour/charettes supported by a team of nationally-recognized technical experts to take a deep opportunity dive. 

Walk away with: Report and road map to build and leverage your infrastructure investments that will bring greater community value for the same price or less as the conventional approach.



Once a community or region has gone through Value Planning and Engineering Analysis, our top experts help develop a prioritized financial strategy to projects get support they deserve. 

Walk away with: Report supporting prioritized investment opportunities, and key funding strategy and list.  

Scalable Solutions for Regional Challenges

There are new solutions that communities across the region can use to support seemingly intractable problems.  

We're working on a range of ideas with smart partners - for example  - how could reimagining culverts to renewable hydrogen help the PNW build better? 

Walk away with: 

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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