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Now more than ever, CSI’s vision and expertise are the right fit for building the Pacific Northwest future we want.

We believe infrastructure decisions are pivotal opportunities to incorporate recovery and renewal strategies that span decades and build a more resilient, fair, inclusive, and thriving future. To meet tomorrow’s challenges, new approaches are urgently needed.

Our communities spend billions every year to operate, maintain, rebuild, and expand these essential systems. It's time we ensure these investment decisions work better for all communities and ecosystems.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are uniquely positioned to help decision makers reimagine, redirect, and reinvest these billions into our infrastructure in a way that leverages and builds upon community value.

Our aim: to build a thriving, sustainable future of broadly shared prosperity in communities all across our region through integrated infrastructure solutions.

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Recent Achievements  

  • CSI proposed, and bipartisan legislators stepped up to secure, $500,000 in the 2022 Washington State supplemental budget to launch a new Agricultural Symbiosis initiative.

  • CSI teamed up with partners in Denmark to successfully launch a Clean Industry knowledge exchange between Portland and Denmark.

  • WA State has increased funding for the Industrial Symbiosis program to over $2 million in ongoing funding for each future biennium!


October 2021

Striving for Balance
Between the Environment and the Economy in the Pacific Northwest

Washington CORE

June 2021

Clean materials: An economic engine for the Pacific Northwest and beyond

Christine Ervin

June 2021

Amazon has ‘come a long way’ but still faces a lot of questions on sustainability

Marcus Baram

May 2021

Amazon begins the ‘huge’ lift to shrink the carbon footprint of its devices to reach climate goals

Lisa Stiffler

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