Our Team


Director of Strategic Initiatives

Founder & Executive Director

Operations Manager

Communications Manager

Peter Dykstra

Legislative & Policy Affairs Advisor

Alex Ybarra

Rural WA Project Prospector

Johnell Bell

Public Affairs Strategic Advisor

Rebecca Zanatta

The Ostara Group

Michelle Giguere

Summit Strategies, LLC

CSI Board

Nan McKay


Noah Siegel

Vice President

Sandy Kilroy

Secretary & Treasurer

Cadie Olsen

Board Member

Ade Franklin

Board Member

Council of Advisors

Anthony Buckley

Director of Innovative Partnerships, WSDOT

Bobby Cochran

Willamette Partnership

Rich Hoey

Director of Public Works, City of Olympia

Liz Kelly

Senior Vice President, Parametrix

John McCoy

Former Washington State Senator

Craig Partridge

Former Policy Director, WA Dept. of Natural Resources

Nancy Connery

Former Director of the
Public Works Project, WA & National Council on Public Works Improvement

Steve Moddemyer

Principal at CollinsWoerman

Innovation Lab Technical Experts

Tristian Bounds

Orenco Systems, Inc.

Embrey Bronstad.png
Embrey Bronstad

WSU Center for
Sustaining Agriculture
& Natural Resources

Conrad Brown

PAE Engineers

Nnenia Campbell

Co-founder, Collaborative for the Social Dimensions of Disasters

Christiane Chaumette

Fraunhofer Society

Michael Clark

Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

Steve Gorcester

Performance Plane LLC, Vice Chair of Greenroads Foundation

Tom Marseille

Integral Group

Pete Muñoz

Senior Engineer, Biohabitats

Tom Miles

TR Miles Consulting

Mark Poling

Clean Water Institute

Andrea Ramage

Somersault Consulting

Dan Ronco


Carrie Sanneman

Willamette Partnership

Alexandra Streamer


Ana Lucia Vasquez-Caicedo

Fraunhofer Society

Troy Vassos

Integrated Sustainability Consultants Ltd.

Ken Williamson

Clean Water Institute

Georgine Yorgey

WSU Center for
Sustaining Agriculture
& Natural Resources

Willamette Partnership