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CSI Next Sustainable Infrastructure Whistle Stop: Olympia, Washington on December 8.

CSI is excited to continue the Sustainable Infrastructure Whistle Stop Tour- where we’ll travel virtually across the region to share how sustainable infrastructure projects are reshaping our region for a better future.

Throughout the virtual “stops” on this tour, we’ll highlight projects across the Pacific Northwest that are helping create stronger economies, more vibrant communities and a healthier environment, and we’ll share how CSI and our partners are helping to bring these projects to life.

Next up: Olympia, WA - December 8th from Noon-1 PM- Free, Sign Up Now.

The Olympia Whistle Stop offers a recent example of an innovative, values-based approach to transportation infrastructure in Olympia.

During this session, you’ll learn how Olympia pivoted from a conventional, $20M road-widening project to re-imagine an entire corridor that is safer and works much better for all the neighbors – residents, businesses and industry- while saving millions of dollars for local taxpayers. They embraced ‘value planning,’ a systems-based, community-centric approach to infrastructure design that can accelerate sustainable prosperity, resilience and broadly shared benefit for communities of all kinds. Olympia’s approach offers important and inspiring lessons for other communities and leaders across the region and country.

Our conversation will be guided by: - Tour Guide: Jim Rioux, Project Manager, City of Olympia - Host, Rhys Roth, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure - Guest Panelist, Rich Hoey, Public Works Director, City of Olympia  - Guest Panelist, Jemae Hoffman , East Link Light Rail Development Manager, Sound Transit We'll Get the Answer to These Questions: • What is the Integration Dividend, and why is it key to building a sustainably thriving world?   • Why are the billions we spend every year on infrastructure so important, and what can we gain by spending smarter? • What is “Value Planning,” why is it transformative, and how does it work on the ground? • What is CSI doing to scale integrated, sustainable infrastructure design and how can I help?

CSI’s Whistle Stop Tour kicked off in October with stop #1 in Raymond, Washington where a rural town is turning to ‘industrial symbiosis’ – an integrated, multi-value approach to economic development that serves economic, environmental and social values and accelerates our journey to sustainable and broadly shared prosperity. If you missed the session, check out the recording and explore other resources.

To sign up and join us virtually for the second tour stop click here. We'll keep you posted about future “stops” as they’re announced.

All aboard for a thriving future - we look forward to seeing you!


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