Priority Strategic Initiatives

The Top 4 Priorities for CSI in 2021

  1. Showcase Symbiosis:  Establish the nation’s first ‘Industrial Symbiosis Program’ in Washington State, to advance a new model for community-led, triple-bottom-line economic development, where waste and resource sharing between companies generate economic and environmental value in communities of all shapes and sizes.

  2. Support the Emergence of a New Clean Materials Sector of the PNW:  support leadership from this new area of the economy in their efforts to grow into a job-creation powerhouse that will clean up material streams and help advance policies and investments in the years ahead that: 

    • secure economic opportunity for clean production and innovation in the PNW, and

    • gradually design away unintended consequences to the climate, public health, and the environment from the sourcing, manufacture, use, and disposal of materials. 

  3. ​Grow the Region’s Local Innovation Capacity for Solving Infrastructure Challenges: support accessible funding for communities to conduct a collaborative, early-stage reimagining of their infrastructure challenges, with support from cutting-edge technical expertise, that considers all options and selects the best set of synergistic solutions. Such projects deliver better economic value, social benefit, and environmental performance than conventional answers, and will be well-positioned for future federal or state infrastructure investments.

  4. Accelerate Renewable Hydrogen in the PNW: engage leaders and thinkers in creating an action plan for accelerating the region’s production and use of renewable hydrogen and stand up a coalition of partners working for its implementation.

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