Raymond, WA

When More Industry is Also Pro-Environment:
How Industrial Symbiosis Can Multiply Jobs and Environmental Benefits

This program covered how “industrial symbiosis” is coming to life in Raymond, Washington, through integrated, multi-value approaches to economic development that can serve triple-bottom-line values and speed our journey to sustainable and broadly shared prosperity. Read about the Raymond Value Planning Workshop that inspired this Whistle Stop!

GUEST PANELIST: Per Møller Senior Symbiosis Developer, Kalundborg Symbiosis

GUEST PANELIST: Steve Moddemeyer Principal, CollinsWoerman
GUEST PANELIST: Kathleen Sayce Ecological Consultant and Botanist

TOUR GUIDE: Jim Sayce  Director, Port of Willapa Harbor

HOST: Rhys Roth Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure
MODERATOR: Ted Sturdevant Director of Strategic Initiatives, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure

In this conversation, we address:

  1. What the heck is "industrial symbiosis"?

  2. How did Washington legislators pass a bipartisan measure to stand up the nation’s first statewide Industrial Symbiosis program?

  3. How can Industrial Symbiosis multiply jobs, grow community value, and achieve breakthroughs in environmental performance in a wide range of NW communities?

  4. What is CSI doing to scale Industrial Symbiosis, and how can I help? 

Industrial Symbiosis Screening Guide    |    Industrial Symbiosis FAQ


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