Renewable Hydrogen

Renewable Electricity and Clean Fuel

The Pacific Northwest is uniquely positioned to become a global leader in Renewable Hydrogen. 

CSI is working with the Renewable Hydrogen Alliance to launch the first concerted, strategic effort to galvanize key partners and distill key intelligence to build a blueprint for policy, project, research, and awareness-building actions to scale up renewable hydrogen in the Pacific Northwest. 

Renewable Hydrogen (RH2), and the fuels derived from it, have a critically important role to play in the world's transition to carbon-free, climate-friendly energy systems. The PNW has abundant renewable energy and frequent surpluses of renewable electricity that can be used to produce RH2, in ways that can actually help lower power prices. 

As we've seen with wind and solar power and energy efficiency, regions that move aggressively to lead in advancing the right clean energy technologies at the right time - can reap significant economic benefits including the growth of jobs, businesses, investment, and local and state tax revenues. 

Hydrogen-powered transit