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Through our Innovation Lab, CSI brings local infrastructure decision-makers proven tools and expertise to develop innovative, locally tailored solutions that deliver bigger, broader community benefits through smarter infrastructure investments.

CSI brings a new portfolio of practical tools to our critical infrastructure investment decisions. Infrastructure exists to provide essential community services.  Our projects are tailored to suit the unique needs and capacities of each community. We help define core community values and goals and then translate these into performance metrics. Our projects and blueprints aim to maximize performance across these metrics and are evaluated based on actual performance. We learn as we go and continually improve so that over time new projects are designed to perform better and better. We pay attention to and share demonstration projects and successful models to export best practices and spur innovation. 

Where We've Worked

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Innovation Lab Projects


See the Big Picture

We view each collaborative opportunity as a chance to build mutual understanding and trust, to make big things possible now and in the future.

Over and over we see it –when humans come together under the right circumstances and connect with trust, we're capable of overcoming any number of ideological or cultural differences in search of common solutions. And what's more common than the desire for lasting quality of life?