Now more than ever, we need to build a pipeline for clean jobs and new industries that support a more sustainable and resilient future.  Washington is well positioned to support a number of developing industrial symbiosis projects - here are a few emerging examples. 

Wind River Project (Skamania County)


Wind River Project is developing an industrial symbiosis cluster converting forest sector waste into energy and year-round food production. Wind River buys wood waste, creating a new revenue stream for forestry firms, especially smaller private timberland owners. The wood waste is then processed through a combined heat and power plant, aquaponic greenhouses, biochar production, and a kiln to dry firewood.














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Spokane’s Clean Manufacturing Innovation Park

In Spokane, the West Plains Public Development Authority, a partnership of the City, the County, and the Airport, is exploring how to develop a Clean Manufacturing Innovation Park.


After Spokane area leaders visited Kalundborg’s industrial symbiosis as part of a sustainability innovation tour of Scandinavia in September 2018, they targeted the West Plains district for their Innovation Park – in part to potentially leverage the City’s waste-to-energy plant and the regional MRF’s supply of recycled materials. The goal is to make the area a magnet for leading edge companies in advanced materials-manufacturing, transport, and clean technology. These companies will be attracted not only to clean-and-green brand value, but also to cost savings from district-scale industrial symbiosis infrastructure, and the business benefits of close proximity to a growing industry cluster rich in R&D, technology, and workforce linkages. 








Spokane Business Journal article featuring Industrial Symbiosis


More projects coming soon!

CSI recognizes there are opportunities for Industrial Symbiosis projects in communities of all shapes and sizes, across the state. CSI is now in active discussions with more communities with other emerging projects. We will continue to list them here as more details become available.

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