Changing the world 
requires a new way of thinking
and doing.

The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) supports and accelerates sustainable infrastructure innovation and development in the Pacific Northwest.

Our mission is to catalyze state-of-the-art sustainable infrastructure solutions that help communities of every kind thrive economically, socially, and environmentally.


How CSI is Building a Thriving Future

CSI's Pacific Northwest Sustainable Infrastructure Blueprint Reports

Visionary Reports that Guide the Pacific Northwest Forward

Working with Pacific Northwest thought leaders, CSI's “5 Big Goals by 2040” reports comprehensively chart a transformative but pragmatic 20-year vision that reimagines Pacific Northwest infrastructure investment. 

CSI's Innovation Lab Value Planning Workshop

Helping Communities and Regions Embrace Sustainable Infrastructure

CSI provides local infrastructure decision-makers with proven tools and cutting-edge expertise to develop innovative, locally tailored solutions that deliver bigger, broader community benefits through smarter infrastructure investments. 

CSI's Common Ground Solutions focus on Industrial Symbiosis, Clean Materials, & Renewable Hydrogen.

Integrated Solutions That Strengthen Economy, Community, and Environment.

Any vision of a hopeful future includes these essential ingredients: prosperity, fairness, resilience, and environmental quality. By bringing people together in support of policies and initiatives that advance all these values, we offer solutions for the common ground.  


Value Planning in
Olympia, WA

How CSI Helped the City Create a Safer and Better Working Corridor.

"As a big picture thinking approach, this process was outstanding. It gave us a deeper understanding of the assets of the corridor and a pathway to develop future opportunities for our community and parks."


Director of Public Works