Industrial Symbiosis

Good for Jobs
Good for the Environment

Maximizing economic, environmental, and social value for communities from economic development investments.  

The Pacific Northwest is positioned to become the North American leader in industrial symbiosis, which enables co-located industries to tap renewable and recycled resources and share ‘secondary resources’ where one industry’s waste – energy, water, or materials – becomes another industry’s resource.


This simple yet powerful idea will not only help the industry reduce waste and pollution – but also spur job creation and economic development in the clean economy. This could benefit communities of all shapes and sizes throughout the PNW – rural, suburban, and urban on both sides of Washington and Oregon.

How it Works

Industrial symbiosis at its most basic - is about resource sharing whereby one's industry's 'waste' becomes another industry's resource, for example, excess heat, water, or other materials. 
Our industrial symbiosis economic opportunity screening guide is designed to help businesses, local economic development experts, government officials, planners, and natural resource business owners identify alternative uses for waste products.

Our industrial symbiosis economic opportunity screening guide is recommended for economic development directors and other local officials in rural communities throughout Washington. 


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