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Helping PNW Communities Solve their Toughest Infrastructure Challenges and Maximize Value for Their Residents

How Can All PNW Communities Maximize their Infrastructure Investments?  

Community infrastructure is the backbone that supports our local economies and shapes much of our daily lives – providing us with clean water and air, effective transportation and communication, heat and power for home, work, and industry, and more. In the Pacific Northwest, we collectively spend billions of dollars every year to operate, maintain, rebuild and expand these essential systems. Quality infrastructure matters to every community in every part of the Northwest.

CSI provides local infrastructure decision-makers with proven tools and expertise to develop innovative, locally tailored solutions that deliver bigger, broader community benefits through smarter infrastructure investments. By engaging key local stakeholders and world-class innovation experts in co-designing “integrated solution sets” that solve multiple challenges – over conventional single-problem, single-fix approaches – we help you uncover affordable solutions that get the most value from your infrastructure spend and attract outside funding support. 

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Value Planning Workshop in Olympia, WA

Value Planning in Olympia