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Portland–Denmark Clean Industry 2022 Study Tour

The City of Portland and the Portland Business Alliance are collaborating on a strategy to build Portland into a vibrant hub for clean industry innovation and advance a decarbonized, circular, and inclusive economy. 

To support this initiative, CSI teamed up with our partner organization in Denmark, the Kalundborg Symbiosis, to successfully request funding from the Danish Energy Agency to support a Clean Industry Knowledge Exchange between Portland and Denmark.

As a key component of the Knowledge Exchange, CSI led a successful Study Tour of Denmark June 20-26, which included leading Portland civic and business leaders. The group studied Denmark’s clean industry initiatives, with the aim of bringing back knowledge and ideas to Portland. A return trip of Danish experts will visit Portland this fall, and CSI is supporting the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in the planning effort. City Commissioner Carmen Rubio and members of the Study Tour released a joint statement about the trip and its outcomes.

“We came back with a shared understanding and vision for an industrial sector that’s decarbonized, that’s circular and cleaner, and that benefits our regional economy and industry workers. Having that experience shared with a diverse set of stakeholders made it even better and our conversations and dreaming even richer. There’s no substitute for real time cross-sector collaboration. This trip was a game changer.”


City of Portland Commissioner

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