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CSI Launching Whistle Stop 'Virtual' Tour Series!

CSI is excited to announce – and invite you to join – our Inaugural Sustainable Infrastructure Whistle Stop Tour –where we’ll travel virtually across the region to share how sustainable infrastructure projects are reshaping our region for a better future.

Throughout the virtual “stops” on this tour, we’ll highlight projects across the Pacific Northwest that are helping create stronger economies, more vibrant communities and a healthier environment, and we’ll share how CSI and our partners are helping to bring these projects to life.

We’re reaching out to invite you to join us to learn about each of these projects and how, collectively, they are transforming our region and can serve as an example for sustainable infrastructure - across the country and around the world.

Participants will learn from community leaders, business leaders, and thought leaders about how practices like “value planning” – where infrastructure projects with a limited set of benefits can be transformed to benefit many, and “industrial symbiosis” – an integrated approach to economic development where different industries co-locate and turn one company’s “waste” into another’s resource, reducing waste and pollution while generating jobs and economic value – a win-win approach that moves us toward sustainable prosperity.

The first stop of the tour, from noon-1 PM on October 21st, will focus on Raymond, WA, where industrial symbiosis is coming to life. During this stop we’ll learn how integrated, multi-value approaches to economic development can serve triple-bottom-line values and speed our journey to sustainable and broadly shared prosperity.

To sign up and join us virtually for the first tour click here. We'll keep you posted about future “stops” as they’re announced.

The program will cover how “industrial symbiosis” is coming to life in Raymond, WA, through integrated, multi-value approaches to economic development that can serve triple-bottom-line values, and speed our journey to sustainable and broadly shared prosperity

Our conversation will be guided by:

- Tour Guide: Jim Sayce, Director at the Port of Willapa Harbor

- Host: Rhys Roth, Executive Director at Center for Sustainable Infrastructure

- Guest Panelist, Steve Moddemeyer, Principal at CollinsWoerman

- Guest Panelist, Kathleen Sayce, Ecological Consultant and Botanist

- Per Møller, Senior symbiosis developer, Kalundborg Symbiosis

We'll Get the Answers to These Questions:

-What the heck is ‘Industrial Symbiosis’?

-How did Washington legislators pass a bipartisan measure to stand up the nation’s first statewide Industrial Symbiosis program?

-How can Industrial Symbiosis multiply jobs, grow community value, and achieve breakthroughs in environmental performance in a wide range of NW communities?

-What is CSI doing to scale Industrial Symbiosis, and how can I help?

All aboard for a thriving future - we look forward to seeing you!

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