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Clean Materials Discussion Series

Clean materials can be the new clean energy in the Northwest!

This discussion series brings together regional thought leaders to talk about innovations in the emerging clean materials sector.

Clean materials companies reimagine product design, manufacturing processes, supply chains, and reuse-repair-recycling systems to prevent waste, slash unwanted impacts, and create good jobs. CSI's Clean Materials blueprint report serves as the inspiration for this discussion series. It envisions a path to transforming the Pacific Northwest’s waste system into a world-class model that delivers widespread economic, health, and environmental benefits.

The CleanTech Alliance and the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure are hosting a series of events in 2021 to coalesce a new clean materials sector of the Northwest economy. These conversations will bring together leading Northwest professionals to understand the opportunities, discover strategic partnerships, and begin to forge a shared vision for growing the Northwest’s clean materials industry sector and accelerating a sustainably thriving future.

This discussion examines the potential benefits that a growing clean materials industry can have in the innovative Northwest economy. In this series, you'll hear remarkable thought leaders reflect on their experience with the clean energy and green building revolutions and share their insight into how the clean materials sector can become an emerging economic engine in the Pacific Northwest.

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With introduction from 

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley!

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