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Infrastructure Blueprints

Working with top visionaries, leaders, and experts, CSI is creating a series of reports focused on rethinking what's needed by 2040 for Northwest infrastructure systems.

Never has it been more important to invest limited infrastructure dollars with long-range foresight. The fundamental premise of the Five Big Goals by 2040 Report Series is that, in a world of rapid change and growing challenges, we can no longer afford to simply replicate old infrastructure investment models. Innovation is required.

The series taps the region’s leading infrastructure thinkers and innovators to broadly reimagine infrastructure systems, synthesizing their insights to provide guidance and inspiration for infrastructure decision-makers. Reports are refined through review by high-level teams of experienced leaders and broadly shared through media and policy engagement campaigns.

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“CSI has brought together regional thought leaders, each well versed in practicalities but also well positioned to offer aspirational yet realistic strategies for policymakers with the goal of ensuring thriving communities today and into the future.


Senior Vice President at Parametrix

Infrastructure Crisis, Sustainable Solutions distills the themes and insights from interviews of 70 top infrastructure innovators and provides inspiration and guidance to future infrastructure leaders.

Rewiring the Northwest’s Energy Infrastructure paints a picture of an integrated energy system in the Pacific Northwest that by 2040 is among the most sustainable and resilient in the world, and is affordable to the people, businesses, and institutions who pay for it.

A Northwest Vision for 2040 Water Infrastructure shows how the Pacific Northwest can affordably develop integrated systems to supply, purify, and manage water that will be among the most sustainable and resilient in the world.

From Waste Management to Clean Materials offers a blueprint for transforming the Pacific Northwest’s waste management system into a world-class model that delivers widespread economic, health, and environmental benefits.

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